Studios Grikos

You can find the studios on the south-east-side of the island, in the fishermansplace Grikos, about 100m from the beach.

Grikos is quiet and cosy, the things Greece is famous for. It is situated about 4 km from the main place Chora and about 4 km from the harbour of Scala.
On the beach of Grikos are several nice Tavernes and on a small distance from about 500m you find the stone-beach of Petra (meaning big stone). Here you can find beachbeds and umbrellas. The studios are a part of a complex and are situated around a courtyard were you can sit in the shadow. On this court the entrances from all the studios are situated.

All the studios have a big balcony with view on the small harbour and the sea and opposite the small island Kalikatsou (see the image in the header).

The biggest studio is suitable for 4 to 6 persons. There you find a typical highsleepbed, like you can find in a lot of houses in Patmos. The studios are for 2 to 4 persons. All the comfortable studios have their own kitchen with the usual things you need (also a coffeemachine). Sheets and towels are available and will be changed every 3 days.


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Patmos Patmos Patmos Patmos Patmos


Patmos mapLocated on the eastern borderline of the Aegean Sea, Patmos is the northernmost island of the Dodecanese island group. Its interesting landscape features low barren hills succeeded by small plateaux, while its lacy coastline is deeply intended by tens of promontories forming countless picturesque bays and coves. With a mostly dry climate, the island is regularly visited by north winds, bathing into the sunrays for 3000 hours out of a year. Situated at a distance of 158 nautical miles from the mainland port of Piraeus, it covers an area of 34 square kilometres with greatest length of about 25 kilometres. The population is about 3000 people.

Patmos is located between Leros and Ikaria, and is a mountainous island with beautiful landscaping and beaches. The main communities of Patmos are Chora, its capital, and Skala. Patmos has derived much of its fame from the mention of the island in the Bible’s Book of Revelations, when John was exiled to Patmos and received a vision from Jesus. Because of this, Patmos is a very popular destination for Christian pilgrimage, as the cave where John received his Revelation, and several monasteries dedicated to Saint John are found here. The Patmos island features beautiful white cube shaped houses spilling down the sides of a hill, along with churches and grand sea captains’ mansions. All are separated by narrow lanes, high walls, and small square openings which will grant you a view of the majestic Aegean Sea.

Skala is the main settlement on Patmos and features whitewashed houses and flowered courtyards, as well as hotels, restaurants, and shops.


You can book by day, not by week because the travel possibilities are different
from Kos, Samos or Athens.

All the prices are for the studio by day and depends on the period you want to visit Patmos.
The prices for more or less people are different.
For more information about prices you can contact us by e-mail or telephone.


For further information and bookings you can contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Dimitris Kavouras

Tel.: +31 43 6013729

+31 6 27221682 (mobile)
Tel. Patmos: +30 22470 32017

+30 6 946475015 (mobile)

Travel Information

You only can come to the island of Patmos by boat, because there is no airport on the island.
The best connection is by the island of Samos or the island of Kos, there are daily boats from those islands to Patmos.
From Samos the travel is about 1 hour and from Kos about 2 hours.
It’s also possible to travel with the big Ferry boat from Pireus (Athens) to Patmos, the travel takes about 9 hours.

There are cheap flys to Greece with German Wings, Air Berlin and Ryanair.
There are also possibilities from Maastricht-Aachen Airport with other companies.